Project Award Categories

P3 Transaction

This category is for projects that have reached Financial Close.
Assessment Focus: Process and activities related to transaction; Success of transaction
Evaluation Focus: Financing solution; Partnering arrangements; Transaction legal structure; Project incentives; Special planning requirements; Transaction-stage agreements with third parties; Public sector program assessment

P3 Design & Construction

This category is for projects that have reached Substantial Completion.
Assessment Focus: Process and activities relating to design and construction; Success of construction phase

Evaluation Focus: Design; Construction performance; Delivery timeline; Resolution of implementation-phase disputes/challenges; Partnering arrangements; Supply chain management

P3 Service Delivery

This category is for projects that have reached at least Two Years of Full Operation.
Assessment Focus: Operation and maintenance factors and track record
Evaluation Focus: Service performance; Satisfaction of client; Resolution of operations-phase disputes/challenges; Monitoring/dispute management approach; Mitigation of failure points; Accommodation of changing public policy objectives of public sector partner

Environmental, Social and Governance

This category is for projects that have reached Financial Close. A project nominated for an award in the Environmental, Social and Governance category may also be nominated for an award in one of the other three categories.
Assessment Focus: ESG goals; Achievement of ESG goals
Evaluation Focus: Contribution of project to environmental protection or enhancement; Wildlife protection; Climate/GHG impact; Natural infrastructure attributes; Indigenous engagement; Community benefits; Other social impacts