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Sasha Petrini
Sasha Petrini
ever ready battery mom / has your back / great knife skills

Registration and Housing Support

A team player who works collaboratively and effectively communicates with all levels of the team, Sasha uses her administrative and organizational skills to ensure everything runs smoothly.  She adapts quickly to whatever is asked of her, being equally comfortable running around on-site as she is cross-checking excel sheets in the office.  
Sasha joined us more than 17 years ago as a part-time student helper assisting with stuffing name badges and preparing our onsite kits. She has learned the business from the ground up with hands-on experience every step of the way. Sasha is integral to our registration team making sure everything is perfect before we get onsite.  She is repeatedly greeted with hugs from the attendees whom she has helped well in advance of the conference…like old friends.
Sasha also works on a variety of projects tasks including venue and supplier research. She also helps establish procedures and contributes to the continuous improvement of our registration system.