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Polly NG
Polly NG
everything in its place / ready…willing…& able / slave to a cat
Registration Assistant

Polly is leveraging her event experiences from Hong Kong and is eager to bring in innovative ideas to the industry community here in Canada. With experience in planning seminars, roadshows, workshops, and incentive trips, she is ready to play a bigger role in organizing events of different scales and business natures. She never gets tired of anything event related.

After attaining her degree in Social Sciences from the University of Hong Kong, Polly worked with several insurance companies and honed her skills as a corporate event marketer in a fast-paced city.

In 2022, her curiosity led her to embark on a new journey in Toronto and she is thrilled to meet new people and learn from various cultures in the kaleidoscopic city. Outside of work, you could find her spending time with her feline friend or checking out delicious restaurants. Polly is trilingual and fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.