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Joni Serio
Joni Serio
jane of many trades / it takes a village/ proud nerd

Senior Event Planner

Joni Serio comes to aNd Logistix with over 25 years of experience in a variety of roles and settings. She has worked for national brands and grassroots charities, on events as diverse as intimate VIP meetings of 50 people or less to large city-wide conferences of over 34,000 attendees. She draws on this experience daily, bringing not only a wealth of experience, but also flexible thinking and creativity to identify and address “pain points,” and offering solutions before they become problems.
Joni is the very definition of a “people person,” never more in her element than when onsite and in the middle of it all. You are likely to see her escorting VIPs one moment and crawling under the stage to tape up cables two minutes later. A true planner, her first objective is always to serve the best needs of the event, regardless of role or title. A community builder at heart, she believes deeply that one should “never doubt that a small group … can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
When not making spreadsheets dance, she spends her time outside, either squinting at birds or digging in her garden (and sometimes both). When forced to remain indoors, she spends her time cross-stitching or watching Dr. Who re-runs (and sometimes both), often accompanied by her husband, son, two cats, dog, and/or the fish, but (almost) never the hamster.