Our Team

Hanna Mlotek
Hanna Mlotek
controller of all things financial / excel fan

Hanna serves as aNd Logistix’s financial controller. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, she has successfully completed courses at York University for Accounting and Computer Programming. Her computer skills include, Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, Client Strategist, Word, Excel and New Views.

Hanna is responsible for all accounting duties within the office including financial statements, accounts payable/receivable, payroll, cash flow, bank issues, forecasting, budgets, credit disbursements and collections, government remittance and preparation of year-end statements. She oversees project budgets and cost controls, financial analysis, accounting practices and reports for all our clients. She also analyzes and interprets financial data and recommends changes to improve systems and the overall financial performance of our company.

She is instrumental to the success of our registration department, balancing payment gateway accounts with our in-house registration system on a daily basis. She is constantly implementing new procedures to improve accuracy and eliminate errors.

Outside the office, Hanna tries to stay one step ahead of 3 grown daughters.