We are committed to your business

It takes a committed team of professionals to create the perfect event.  To aNd Logistix, you are not just a client, you are a partner.  We take care of every detail of your event so that your team can concentrate on sharing the best your company has to offer. 

Conference Management

aNd Logistix delivers an impressive event within your budget and within your timeline.  Our team will provide a structured plan of your event ensuring that no details are forgotten.  We analyze all risk factors and put together a risk management plan to ensure that each event is successful.

The event management world is ever changing and we continually search for new suppliers that can provide unique products for your event.  We are committed to your budget and search for innovative designs and services that will meet your needs.  We provide appealing website designs, e-invitations and cutting edge online event registration sites with customizable reporting. 

With every event, aNd Logistix creates a project management team of professionals with expertise in all areas of event planning including a creative designer, a logistics manager, and a project manager.  All are well versed in dealing creatively with large numbers of people.   Your team will include:

  • 2 certified meeting professionals (CMP) and 1 certified special event professionals (CSEP) 
  • a contracted e-commerce architect for web functionality and design
  • a CPA for all accounting needs

We offer superior meeting, registration and travel services, all of which are combined in a one-stop registration system that is incomparable.  Reserve your flight, hotel room and register for the event all at once through our advanced registration system that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Rigorous financial management is a critical component of our plan.  Our budget presentations clearly define what you are buying.  Our final accounting is submitted within 2-3 weeks after the event without delay.

From selecting a destination to maximizing your budget and managing all program components, the team at aNd Logistix becomes an extension of your company every step of the way. Helping to promote your brand, product or services comes naturally to us.

We work hard to meet your deadlines and are not intimidated by  the big projects that our clients send our way!  

Registration and Web Design

Many registration service providers make promises of “cutting edge technology” and claim “fail-proof” systems, because let’s face it, promises and claims generate sales.

For more than 20 years, aNd Logistix has worked diligently and quietly behind the scenes to design, test and finally implement a platform sophisticated and flexible enough to exceed all the registration needs of our clients.  And what’s more, we still deliver the high-quality customer service our clients have come to expect.

A Real Person

Because we are event planners first, we understand all the pieces that go into the whole event and manage the registration process with this in mind.  Behind every record, every transaction, and every entry there is a human being from start to finish.  The aNd Logistix team understands that the data we collect represents thousands of attendees each year.  Automation is fantastic but we never forget that there is a person behind each record.

Our registration team is made up of people who have been with us for several years.  Whether it's a friendly voice on the phone, a live demo, or online chat, we provide live and consistent support.

We offer a wide array of online registration options that can be customized including:

  • customized registration forms featuring conference logo, event schedules and event specific fields as required.
  • secure credit card processing utilizing Thawte© technology
  • password protected management pages providing real-time tracking and access to vital registration data
  • optional ability to link additional form pages for one-shop registration and payment for all related activities
  • seamless Integration with 3rd party database's and CRM's
  • real-time Social media integration
  • eMarketing and email broadcasting and Web based surveys

Bespoke Data

We are not in the business of selling software - we developed our registration system to serve our clients better. Using the valuable feedback from our clients, we have designed additional services and technologies.  We are continually updating the system program after program.  We offer:

  • Real-time Drag and Drop reports allowing you to select the fields and filters you want whenever you want to use them. Filters can be saved and used again later.
  • Mobile versions of microsites with optimized registration and event details for any event microsite
  • Facebook login integration - so your registrants can log in with their Facebook account. This could include real-time editing of your own content when you want to from any browser
  • Create your own surveys or polls during or after the event
  • Automatic Waiting lists for workshop choices which are currently sold out (also could mention maximum attendees per workshop)
  • Shopping Cart concept for executive assistant’s registering multiple representatives from their company
  • Approval emails sent to representatives before Checking Out

Your registration data is owned by you and we will not only protect it, but ensure it is available to you at any time.  That includes real-time access and the ability to export your data in a variety of formats.  The security and privacy of all of your data is viewed with the utmost importance.  We use only PCI compliant servers, 3rd party protection and intrusion detection software, as well as bonded staff. In our 20 years of providing event registration solutions, we have never had a data breach and are constantly working harder to protect you.

Over the past 20 years, our clients have benefited from our expertise and our ability to implement new technology. We’re not satisfied with the status quo,  we are constantly striving to create better solutions and to enhance functionality.

Outstanding Events

We succeed when your event succeeds.  Our team is your partner from start to finish to make sure your event achieves the goals you have set.  Our certified event professionals can assist your team with:

  • Designing themed evenings, galas, opening ceremonies, product launches and corporate events
  • Acquiring sponsorships and sponsorship benefit packages
  • Researching and assessing unique venues, dynamic entertainment and imaginative décor, eye-catching invitations and impressive gifts
  • Arranging audiovisual, staging, lighting, sound, special effects and necessary permits, licenses and riders

We take care of every aspect of your promotional campaign and event through our strategy-led approach, meticulous attention to production detail, and constant cost management.  We help your event reach new heights by finding the perfect venue, sourcing brand ambassadors, managing print and design, as well as  organizing promotional staff and branded merchandise.

Specialty Services

aNd Logisitx goes beyond what’s required.   We provide a host of specialty services that make planning and managing your event even easier.  We offer:

Association Management

  • Member relations management
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Committee and sub-committee management
  • Financial administration

Travel Management

  • Complete in-house travel booking and management services
  • Emergency travel helpline
  • Provide confirmations, tickets and documentation
  • Online booking capabilities


  • Unique and creative destinations and venues
  • Partner programs
  • Social activities and group tours
  • Themed events
  • Giveaways and room drops

Management of Exhibits, Displays & Trade Shows

  • Promotion and marketing of shows
  • Floor plan design and décor suggestions
  • Assessment and recommendation of related services including audiovisual, printing, promotion, custom brokerage, freight carriers and drayage
  • Contract negotiation and liaison with chosen suppliers

Once the big day arrives, your aNd Logistix team will provide unparalleled assistance with:

  • Adapting to different Language - multilingual staffing for registration and information desks
  • Scheduling staff and volunteers
  • Providing on-site management staff experienced in conflict prevention