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The Future of Registration Kits
With the return of events one of our biggest concerns is regarding the health and wellbeing of our attendees, suppliers, partners & event staff. We must start thinking about what items will need to be added or increased to the onsite event kits to help keep event staff and attendees safe.
Our team has gathered some ideas and created a reference guide to help attendees, event planners, suppliers, hotels and venues navigate the event world ahead of us.

These are items that we will be adding to our kits:

BAAAG.png Draw String Bags and Plastic Baggies
Many of the items mentioned below will be carried around all day. Make sure to have pouches or plastic baggies to separate all your items and to avoid them touching other items.
Masks.jpg Masks
Masks will be a must have for staff onsite. But take it a bit further by using specific colours to identify your staff. Additionally, masks are a great branding opportunity! Create a mask sponsorship and give sponsors the opportunity to have their company brand featured on the masks worn by event staff, attendees, vendors and other sponsors!
See Susan Murray and Ideavation for some different mask ideas.

Small-Hand-Sanitizer.jpg Hand Sanitizer
One of the most important items to have on hand and in multitudes. Make sure to have not only the big bottles for attendees but also minis that staff and attendees can carry around. Take it one step further and sell them as a sponsorship with branded bottles.

gloves.jpg Gloves
Gloves are meant to be worn and disposed of after frequently. Plastic gloves can be harmful to the environment when used in large batches, so pick up some biodegradable ones!

Non-Contact Thermometer
A no-contact thermometer is the best way to check onsite staff, suppliers, and attendees to ensure safety and mitigate the risk of spreading viruses at your event. The no contact also ensures that you can keep your staff safe in the possible occurrence of a sick individual.
Visit Global Industrial and Micro Life to order yours.

wipes.jpg Disinfectant Wipes
Large bottles of disinfectant wipes are great for your registration desk, but don’t forget to grab the little packs for all your staff so that they can carry some around. Cannot find any small packs? Separate the ones in the large bottles into small plastic baggies.

Electronic.jpg Electronic Cleansing Wipes
Normal disinfectants can be harmful to our electronics, especially if we need to clean them multiple times a day onsite. Electronic disinfectant wipes are safe for sensitive optics and specialty coatings. Additionally, the major smartphone manufacturers say that you can use isopropanol alcohol wipes as well.

Visit Staples to order yours.

tissues.jpg Tissues
Mini packs of tissues have always been a great addition to purses, but now everyone should be carrying them around as they are good for many uses – they are even great for opening doors!

qtips.jpg Q-tips
These little wonders will help get rid of debris or makeup smudges without touching your face.

no-contact-(1).jpg No Contact Door Opener & Button Pusher Key Chain
Gloves are great, but as an increased safety measure, grab yourself some door openers for your staff as well as keeping some on hand. This will help decrease the amount of times you will have to change your gloves and they can be used for pressing buttons on machines, carrying bags, and dialing phone numbers as well.
This can be another sponsorship opportunity and a great addition to a conference bag!

Visit Ideavation to order yours.

pens.png Anti-Microbial Pens
Anti-microbial pens are great for registration staff that tend to use the same pens, we all know that we tend to grab the first one we see! The pens are treated with a special additive that protects against harmful bacteria, fungus, and mold sticking to the pen. They neutralize over 99% of active bacteria.
Visit Ideavation to order yours.

signage.png Signage
Signage is key. Some signs can be printed out and placed into plastic sign holders for a reminder to attendees of rules and to go home if you are ill. Additionally, signs and decals such as floor decals can be designed as an additional reminder especially for your line ups at registration.
Visit Saman Design to order yours.

snacks.jpg Individually Wrapped Snacks
Now more than ever sharing food is going to become an issue. Go to Costco and fill up a tub of individually wrapped snacks. They are easy to grab, a great pick me up when energy is low and limit contamination between staff.

hpa104wmp-honeywell-air-purifier.jpg Air Purifier
An air purifier is great for high traffic areas, like a registration office. The COVID-19 virus can survive in the air for approximately 3 hours and using an air purifier can put your mind at ease, knowing that the air around you is safe from pathogens. Make sure to get one with a HEPA medical grade filter.

Visit Honeywell to order yours.

Car-Caddy.jpg Car Caddy
Look for a good car caddy for storing a back-up supply of the above items for when you get back into your car. They are also great for carrying supplies around from room to room during an event.

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Missing Our Favourite Places

Since we can’t travel just yet, we gathered together a list of our favourite places to share with you.

Sunset-4.JPG Farm-to-flight-Apple-box-and-coupon-(1).jpg
Kelowna, BC, IIROC FOAS from Sandra
Kelowna is a gorgeous city, from the sunsets over the many vineyards, to the locals welcoming you with a smile and a helping hand. Golfers were able to pick fresh fruit off trees while on route to the next hole, while others enjoyed private wine tastings with a Sommelier. The engagement continued through to their journey home, with the Farm to Flight program, allowing them to take home delicious Kelowna fruits to share with family and friends.

 TCC-Room.jpg Cosmetics-Reg-(1).jpg
TELUS Convention Centre, Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Conference from Megan
The TCC team in Calgary is always a pleasure to work with from the beginning planning stages through the event to post-event. The staff are easily reachable and really work together to accomplish your event goals.

CARSTAR-Best-Multi-Day-Incentive-Day-1-Wrigley-Feild.jpg CARSTAR-Best-Multi-Day-Incentive-Day-1-Walking-Wrigley-Field.jpg
Wrigley Field, CARSTAR Acceleration Conference from Madi
Chicago’s Wrigley Field is an iconic location home to the Chicago Cubs – this high profile, unforgettable venue created a wow factor for all attendees. This venue had something for everyone from young to young at heart, baseball fan or not, it was an inclusive, entertaining, and unique experience that all attendees enjoyed and will never forget.

Proscenium-Arch-Complete.JPG Registration-Windows-2.jpg
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Annual CCPPP Conference on Public-Private Partnerships from Silvana
The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel brings people together and is the perfect host for our large conferences. Not only does it have 1000 rooms, but its extensive meeting space allows for many branding opportunities. Shout out to Saman Design for creating excellent signage displayed at the CCPPP conference!

Welcome-to-Discovery-signage.jpg DISC.JPG

Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC), Discovery Innovation Conference and Tradeshow from Catharine
The MTCC has been our trusted partner for many years. One of the conferences nearest and dearest to my heart was Discovery, a leading innovation-to-commercialization conference and tradeshow. For 14 years the MTCC and their in-house teams were invaluable resources, offering us their expertise and creativity to help make Discovery an award winning, must attend event. The MTCC is an amazing venue and even more amazing are their people who work tirelessly to ensure a successful event. It is always a pleasure working with the MTCC.  

 TBGNEW.JPG Blossommmm.JPG
Toronto Botanical Garden, Blossom Party Annual Fundraiser from Lexie
One thing I love most about aNd is the company’s philanthropic endeavors. In 2019 aNd offered their help and expertise to the non-profit’s annual fundraiser. Toronto Botanical Garden is surrounded in beautiful gardens offering spaces available to rent, where in each outdoor space you are surrounded by multiple stunning plants, flowers, and trees.


The Blue Vinny Diner, Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Conference from Rick and Sara
When in Calgary for the Pharmacy Conference aNd always makes a trip to this diner for breakfast. It has a retro/comfy feeling as well as delicious, hearty menu options.

Hanlan’s Point, McMash from Jan
One of the most memorable event locations in the 30+ years I have been involved in would be an event we did over at the Island Airport for McDonalds store managers from across the country. We turned Hanlan’s Point into a M*A*S*H Compound – dressed everyone up in khaki shirts and hats and as the ferries left the city, they really did look like troop ships with everyone on deck. The event was not without its problems – the biggest during the installation of tents, they cut a power line that effectively cut all the power of to the entire island! At the end of the day, it was a success and a very memorable location and event.

Favourite Incentive Trips through Dana’s lens

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
Malta & Gozo
You cannot talk about Malta without mentioning the amazing DMC team at Alpine Sterling Travel & Tourism – Warren Zahra’s hospitality is legendary. Through some colleagues from the Protocol & Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association (PDI-POA), we were able to have an audience with the then President of the Republic of Malta - Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Vegas never sleeps but this early morning sunrise time is so peaceful. We have done many programs in Las Vegas both at ARIA Hotel & Casino and the Cosmopolitan at Las Vegas hotel. This photo was taken from my room at the Cosmopolitan at Las Vegas hotel.

Croatia & Bosnia
After a long night of flying to Croatia weather did not permit us to land in Dubrovnik, so we detoured to Split and the super organized DMC team at Intours arranged for a car to drive attendees to Sun Gardens in Dubrovnik. An hour or so into the ride the driver asked for our passports as you need to drive a short way through Bosnia (When the former Yugoslavia splintered into seven smaller republics, Croatia got almost 4,000 of miles of Adriatic Sea coast are dotted with secret beaches, tiny islands, and quaint Medieval towns but Bosnia was actually able to keep a very small but lovely part of Adriatic coast – so you actually travel into Bosnia to get to the other end of Croatia).  We arrived at the Bosnian border just in time to catch this view of the sunset.

La Paz Waterfall and Peace Lodge Gardens, Costa Rica
I captured this shot while the Hummingbirds swarmed around feeders put out for them daily. A must visit for nature, birds, butterflies, and frog lovers!

Budapest, Hungary
The city successfully mixes its fascinating  history with a genuine laid-back contemporary artistic style. There is a wide range of different things for visitors to see and do. From museums to thermal spas, wine tasting to ruin pubs – your top performers will feel appreciated!

Victoria-Falls-(Zambia).jpg African-Safari-(Botswana)-(1).jpg
Zambia, Africa
The five-star Royal Livingstone Resort in Zambia overlooking Victoria Falls is perhaps the world’s most spectacular waterfall. It is great to see the many wild animals roam about the grounds. But make sure to keep an eye out for cheeky monkeys! They loved stealing the yellow highlighters from our registration desk that was set up out on the back lawn.


Kyoto, Japan
A mystical and historical destination, famous for intricate temples, ancestral traditions, Geishas, and stunning cherry blossoms – this location is a memorable trip for all.  Through the light snow you can see the blossoms ready to burst open.


Paris, France
During an early morning visit to Notre Dame Cathedral, I was able to capture the sun beaming in through the famous stain glass windows. It is heartbreaking to think that it is gone now.
Bertrand from My Private Paris is a gem.

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Dear John
Dear John…and Doug… and Justin.

A few of my blog followers asked me to elaborate on my nightly letters to Justin.  So here goes…
It started as a letter to Toronto’s mayor and then it morphed into Dear John… Dear Doug… and Dear Justin.

(and before I get a scolding from all my fellow members at PDI-POA, of course, my addresses were much more formal than this but for the levity of this blog, I will depart from such rigid protocols.)

One morning in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, Mr. Tory was answering questions on an early morning radio broadcast that riled me up.  In early March, our mayor was already telling landlords to cut tenants a break during the COVID-19 downturn in business. Hold on there; whose giving landlords like me a break when my business is suffering? Please, Mr. Mayor… think through a viable solution before taking to the airwaves with big statements like that. At the time, the city let alone the provincial and federal government weren’t even contemplating any assistance, but landlords were to cut tenants a break?  Somehow landlords were the bad guys and tenants the victims. My first letter was to plead that we were all unwilling victims. We are all in this together as victims.

This short rant morphed into a nightly letter to the mayor, the premier of Ontario and the big honcho himself in Ottawa.

I told my story of beating the odds as a female entrepreneur, growing my business diligently despite many economic hardships over the years (the dotcom bubble, SARS, 911, the financial crisis).  That I was the daughter of immigrant Italians who taught me the value of a hard day’s work so I could build up two small businesses over the last 25 years. Though I was a small fry in the grand scheme of Canada’s economic fortunes, my meetings and events business gainfully employs a team of 12 full time and half a dozen more part-time staff. Not to speak of the many contracts we bring to the hotel and airline industry and the work we provide to other small businesses; décor companies, florists, entertainers, web designers, sign makers, graphic designers, audio visual companies, rental companies and caterers.

Then I told the story of our industry, sharing all the good that our meetings and events do for the Canadian economy. Just like every small and medium-sized business that started as a dream so many years ago, we weren’t looking for a hand-out. All we need is a HAND to get out of these dark waters; waters that we didn’t fall into recklessly but rather found ourselves pushed into by something that was completely out of anyone’s control. And through it all, we continue to work for our clients every day, coming up with viable solutions for their meetings and events. And we remain steadfast about our industry’s survival like we have through all of the other crises. 

The better part of 2020 will be simply erased for us … half a year – poof – gone…. and our hopes hang cautiously on the remaining Fall meetings.

So, gentlemen please HELP US HELP YOU –

Help us bridge our revenue gaps for the next few months. Give us the tools now, so we as an industry and as entrepreneurs can help you bring back the faltering economy.

And when these dark days are behind us, we will be the first to forge ahead with the small business we fought so hard to build. The lights will dim again, the music will play, flowers will adorn the tables and meals will be served once more. We will orchestrate our own come-back.
We as an industry will pay it forward tenfold with new conventions, meetings and events. We will help rejuvenate tourism not only in Toronto but across Canada and the globe and reinvigorate confidence by bringing our clients back to convention centres, hotels, venues, restaurants and airlines. We NEED to keep our teams together so we can hit the ground running when our city, our province and our country are ready to open again. 

As an industry, we’re good for it. Go ahead, ask around.
Last week's Post from my Linkedin:

I sent an email to Justin every night before bed for 15 days. We had been putting all possible measures into play to preserve cash flow including taking me off payroll completely. Today I got my reply along with the rest of the country. This morning's announcement is a significant step towards saving small businesses and saving an entire industry. Proud to be Canadian. Now we can STAY STRONG
#saveevents #savetourism #weareallinthistogether #femaleentrepreneur #smallbusinessowner #flattenthecurve #postponedontcancel #eventplanner

Blog post by: Dana Zita

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Cooperation is Pivotal
By now, the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has sunk in for most of us. And, now we are all busy helping clients navigate through this new reality. We have spent much of the past few weeks working closely with clients to cancel or postpone their programs scheduled in March, April and May. Seeing many events postponed, rather than cancelled, is a positive sign forward.
From the outset, our clients have been our priority in everything we were initially focused on to minimize the financial impact to them. As we did that, we also realized immediately the impact this would have on all our suppliers, many of whom are proud small business owners like ourselves, and our hotel partners in sales, conventions services and banquet teams, many of whom are already on temporary leaves. All have been understanding and reasonable as we find ourselves in uncharted territory. The spirit of cooperation is simply astonishing. Seeing the enormous sacrifices being made by so many businesses proves to me the resolve is there so that we can get on with what we all do best…put on the best events and conferences for our clients...when all of this is behind us.
In our 25-year history, we have seen many difficult times for our industry. And each time it has bounced back with unwavering resilience. This time will be no different but first, collectively we will face periods of uncertainty with many changes happening on a daily basis, hourly in some cases, that will impact us all in our everyday personal and work lives.  But this will pass as others have with a new normal at the end of it all.

I am not certain I can draw you a complete picture of the new landscape of our industry but I know for certain I am committed to being a small but nimble part of making it better.
To all our industry partners (our allies in this fight) – our hotel sales reps, our convention services managers, our travel agent partners, the venues, restaurants and caterers we work with, our AV and show services teams, our speaker bureaus, all our event and entertainment suppliers and our web/technology partners = We are thinking of you.  We are grateful for you and we value our partnerships.
If you need anything at all, have questions, want to brainstorm ideas or simply want to vent - I promise to answer all emails Contact me any time.

Be Healthy, Be Safe. Be Strong

Blog post by: Dana Zita
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Dana’s Annual End of the Year Brain Dump of Ideas
First we highlighted our team's favourites from our 2019 events. Below is a showcase of my favourites from a wonderful year.

In-Expo Lounges
The lounge for the Women in Mortgage Industry (WIMI) was fun and flirty with tones of pink, mixed in with pink and brown leopard prints.

The Blues Brothers
You can't do Chicago without including the Blues Brothers.

Cold Brew Coffee
This draught cold brew station was a refreshing alternative to regular coffee breaks.

Performance Art
At an event this fall in Tremblant, we had a local artist at the Welcome Reception paint a landscape from the area, which was auctioned off at the end of the evening.

Have Fun With Your Centrepieces
The small animal figurines in our forest centrepieces added a whimsical touch.

Send a Special Message
Delegates were able to send a special message to say thank you or tell someone special how much they mean to their lives. This was a breakout hit with our delegates at the Fairmont in Tremblant.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night…
Maui Jim sunglasses were a huge hit this year for the President's Club we did in Hawaii.


Hotel Branding
Don't forget to ask your hotel or venue what branding opportunities there are for your group to take advantage of through the space.  Your Sponsors can also benefit from these options.

These are photos from our CARSTAR program at the Hilton Chicago.

Custom Cakes
One of the most challenging events I put on this year was the 50th Birthday Party for my little bro Philip. It was made extra special with this custom beer can cake made by our very own Sandra DaMota, who has many hidden creative talents!


The Gin Bar
We did 2 Gin themed Bars this year, one at the Fairmont in Tremblant and the other here in Toronto at the MTCC.

Gin is in, - featuring some great Canadian brands:

Empress 1908 – Victoria, British Columbia
Spirit of York – Toronto, Ontario 
Eau Claire Distillery Parlour Gin  – Turner Valley, Alberta
Radoune Gin – Gaspé, Québec
Steinhart Dry Gin – Arisaig, Nova Scotia
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The aNd Team’s Favourites From 2019
Continuing our yearly tradition, our gift to you this holiday season is our team’s favourite ideas from this year’s conferences.

The Picasso Dessert Table by Sandra
The Picasso table was a huge hit at two of our events this year. Each table was unique to the venue and client, creating great exposure for the sponsor while also highlighting the chef’s creativity. The chef at the Fairmont Mount Tremblant utilized room lighting and various tiers to highlight their display, while the chef at the Sheraton Centre Toronto created a colourful experience by using colored dry ice. These tables created buzz in the audience and were the centre of conversation. Definitely a memorable experience for all in attendance.


Feathery Centrepieces by Clare
This year we decided to add a feather flair to the Fundex National Business Conference centerpiece. Our client fell in love with our initial concept, but the supplier was unable to recreate it for them. We looked everywhere for black feathers (Even checking fly fishing websites) to re-create the same charm as the initial concept. Our hard work paid off, and we ended up designing a centerpiece that looked even better.


Roadshow Donut Centrepieces by Megan
This year we arranged the Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetics Roadshow in 10 cities across Canada. Instead of packing up and shipping centerpieces for each location, we opted to get creative and incorporate them with the attendees’ desserts. A whimsical donut pyramid display was arranged in each city for guests to ooh and aah over, as well as to eat!

Night Circus Balloons by Lexie
The theme of the National Mortgage Conference’s Industry Networking Event was a ‘Night Circus’. What goes best with a circus? Balloons, of course! The top of the escalators & entrances into the ballroom were wrapped in beautiful balloon artwork, welcoming guests to an incredible evening event, the Night Circus.

Wrigley Field by Matthew & Madi
This July, we helped CARSTAR throw their best conference yet, in the heart of downtown Chicago. The star of this conference was the Welcome Reception, which was held at the historic Wrigley Field. Our planning team, combined with Wrigley Field’s welcoming staff, made the attendees feel just as important as the baseball players that took their stadium back over a few days later.

The franchisees, office staff, & vendors were welcomed by the iconic Marquee Sign in front of the building, the large screen behind the Gallagher Way Picnic Area, and the outfield signs when everyone filed into the bleachers.

In addition to this, the attendees were made to feel right at home with exclusive tours of the press box & the ‘W Club’ private lounge, meet & greet with Chicago Cubs alumni, the World Series Trophy from 2017, and batting cage access.

Superhero Event Theme by Silvana
The majority of conference badges are made with a simple design, only meant to identify the attendee and is stamped with the conference logo. The badges from The Mobile Shop Sales Rally were much more eye-catching, with their comic book design and creative tie-in to the event’s Superhero theme. Upon their arrival at the sales rally, all attendees were very excited to find out which Superhero they would be proudly representing for the duration of the conference.

Here's to an even greater 2020!
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The Life of the Party
Let me begin by saying that anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I do drink. I’m Italian, so of course I had my first sip of wine at the age of 4. My brothers are big wigs in the beer industry (love my Krombacher) and I can personally account for a rise in sales of Hendrick's Gin.
One can easily say that I love to drink, but I love my job even more, and the two just don’t mix. My job revolves around “the party”, but I should never be “the life of the party”.
As event professionals, our job is to produce the party, not partake in the party. We have a long list of responsibilities, which include: to our team, our suppliers, the venue, our clients, and their guests.
I need to stay clear, focussed and diligent. And let’s not forget, I need to get up really early the next morning and do it all over again.
So, let’s talk about the Mad-Men era of liquid lunches that changed drastically in the 90’s. This was when mixing business with entertainment became a no longer acceptable expense for income tax purposes by the government. I remember the former owner of a renowned restaurant here in Toronto recounting stories of business tycoons and government officials spending long lunch hours ordering very expensive wines. Believe it or not, this all changed practically overnight as a result of the regulation change, and a move to a much more conservative attitude towards drinking and business. Today, the Disrupters Era is seeing a gradual acceptance to “entertainment at work”, with beer fridges and ping pong tables becoming more common place in many communal work spaces.
So where does the Event Industry fit in all this?
In my early days in special events, my love of drinking flaunted that I was “one of the boys” which made networking in a male-dominated industry much easier. When I became a business owner, my attitudes matured because I want to be remembered as a professional who is always appropriate and contributing. I wanted to lead my team and set an example. For my business, drinking on the job wasn’t a winning strategy.
Our industry is bravely built by the hard work of so many small businesses. Unfortunately, many of these small businesses don’t have HR departments to deal with drinking policies and regulating disciplinary action for drinking on the job. Here we are again back to a reoccurring theme in my blogs this year – self regulation.
Drinking before, during, or after an event won’t let you keep your job for very long, especially if you have to be on the job and on your toes the next day.
Event Professionals (planners, venue managers, decorators, florists, entertainers and yes even those audio-visual techs) everywhere take note: If the next event you produce starts feeling like your own private party, with a drink in hand, it may be time to consider a change in career.
Blog post by: Dana Zita

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Growth 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies
They say you are known by the company you keep and judging by this prestigious list, we are certainly in good company – Canada’s top 500 growing companies!
Check out who made the list at 492!   YES - aNd Logistix Inc. cracked the top 500 growing companies in Canada!
Canadian Business and Maclean’s ranked aNd Logistix Inc. No. 492 on the annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. The winners of the 31st annual Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies are the most ambitious, innovative and successful businesses in Canada.
Produced by Canada’s premier business and current affairs media brands, the Growth 500 ranks Canadian businesses on five-year revenue growth. Growth 500 winners are profiled in a special print issue of Canadian Business published with Maclean’s magazine and is now available online at and
“The companies on the 2019 Growth 500 are truly remarkable. Demonstrating foresight, innovation and smart management, their stories serve as a primer for how to build a successful entrepreneurial business today,” says Beth Fraser, Growth 500 Program Manager. “As we celebrate over 30 years of the Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies program, it’s encouraging to see that entrepreneurship is healthier than ever in this country.”
aNd Logistix is proud to be on the Growth 500 ranking,” says CEO Dana Zita, CSEP, CMP. “This achievement reflects the strength of our nimble but mighty team. To be recognized for our steady and continuous growth on our 25th anniversary year is especially momentous.”
Happy Free Idea Friday!
Blog post by: Dana Zita
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Where have all the “GOOD” people gone?
With all the ethical questions surrounding the SNC-Lavalin affair here in Canada, news stories are full of references to the roles of ethical committees/commissions/boards.
I started thinking about how much an ethical committee really can do. Can they differentiante and weed out the BAD from the GOOD? Within the events/meeting industry, we follow a code of ethics. Or do we?
Do we really? Even in this era of instant news and social media commentary, the worst scandals seem to be swept under the rug.
We can’t ensure ethical behavior. It is near impossible to enforce it. We can only encourage it and educate others to be better professionals. I urge all my peers in the event and meeting planning field to encourage your industry association to find better ways to promote ethical behavior.
It comes down to self regulated personal principles.
Here are links to a few codes of ethical conduct that we should all re-read...
Just doing my part to educate on this Labour Day weekend!
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
To learn more, please visit

Blog post by: Dana Zita
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Supplier Spotlight
Way back in 2000 to celebrate the new millennium, Dana reached out to several of our suppliers to create a NEW IDEAS document to share with clients. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we asked our suppliers once more for fresh ideas to share with all of you.

Get Connected Lanyard:
Now you can provide attendees with a lanyard that does much more than just hang around! This one not only connects event-goers to your vivid four-colour brand imprint, but also connects your phone to your computer, car, anything with a USB port for its necessary charging. It’s a great way to double up the duty of your lanyards by also making them a fantastic give-away.


Stack a Ribbon Fun Packs:
Add some fun to your next meeting with these assorted ribbons for badges. These packs feature popular stack-a-ribbon event themes.  From Hipster Fun Packs to Warning Label Fun Packs, your attendees will love finding ribbons that represent themselves and their fellow attendees.

The Pillar Lanyard:
The Pillar's brushed silver design offers a sleek transition from lanyard to name badge; the satin polyester fabric and dye-sublimated, full-color process create "vivid" imprinting with intricate detailing of your logo. Certainly not an obtrusive "bauble" that overpowers the all-important name tag, but a subtle segue that allows the name, data and design on the tag to shine.

Eco Friendly Options:
Going green for your next meeting?  Consider fully biodegradable name badges and Lanyards.
The lanyards are 100% organic cotton, exceptionally soft and 100% biodegradable. They come in a variety of attachments and can be customized with a sponsor or company logo. Our Bio PVC Holder has a special additive in the PVC that makes the entire holder fully biodegradable with zero toxic residue. ASTM tested safe for commercial and home compost so there's less landfill impact with every meeting!

Best Journal Ever!
Hold cellphone (any size), business card holder, pen loop, envelope in back for receipts, notes, etc.
Walk into a meeting with this journal and you have all you need.


2-in-1 Sports Bottle
Single-walled Tritan sports water bottle with Frost white screw-on PP top cap and spray lid. A trigger produces a fine mist to help you cool down. Perfect for the conference floor or golf course! Stay hydrated and keep cool.


Stainless Steel Straw Kits
Save our planet, one straw at a time with this 18/8 food grade stainless steel straw. The 5-piece set includes two straight straws, two bent straws, and one cleaning brush, packed in a drawstring cotton bag.

Mobile Office Commuter Sleeve
Keep your mobile office up and running with a padded
sleeve to keep you organized when on the road!


Next Level Cool Conference Tote
Tired of the same boring giveaway tote bags? This stylish foldable tote is the world’s best all everything tote, and it comes in a plethora of fashion colours and patterns.

What an exciting year as colour is back.
We were thrilled to be able to incorporate a wonderful grouping of the new yellow canvas
styling for a conference recently.
Our fashion forward setting truly brought the sunshine as yellow is one of the biggest hits of
the season.
We have all been suspended in a grey zone for
quite some time, but working closely with
aNd logistics we wanted to push the envelope

The drapery as well as custom pillows in a pineapple print was greeted with such a complimentary vibe that attendees gathered and enjoyed our lounge with their down time in between sessions.


Another new and exciting trend this year is the new neutrals.
Organic styles like green and beige are being welcomed into the market as they have been missing for so long.
Green reminds us of regrowth and creates a perfect base for any design.
Beige or a biscotti shade seems to relax our clients and bring that natural organic feeling back.


CCR used elaborate laser lighting and intelligent lighting to create the atmosphere for a performance/entertainment driven industry gala night.


This centre stage showcased the creative use of a custom designed set, projection mapping, and intelligent lighting to create a high-impact sales-kick off in an arena.

This Loblaws event involved the usage of a very large wide format screen (about 120’) with multiple projectors and screen blending. It included custom produced content as well as various types of lighting, including LEDs and Movers to create the desired effect.


This Sunlife event involved using a customized and blended semi-circle screen that was driven by custom produced content as the backdrop. It also included outboard screens for content, as well as intelligent lighting to create the desired look and effect.


Signage is key to so many elements of events and conference.  Saman Design shared these ideas that enhance the directional flow of guests.


Registration is the usually the first point of contact and we love making it a great first impression.



Large decals that look like museum displays make a great impact and establishes a distinctive vibe.



Don’t forget things like staircase. It’s a fanastic way to help brand the entire space creating a customized atmospher




Centrepieces don’t have to be flowers. This unique silouette of cityscapes worked great with the theme of the event and the sponsor branding was a bonus feature.


Floor to Ceiling is an impactful look to grab attention

And don’t forget the floor – these neon effect floor decals indicated the way to all the events taking place in the venue.

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