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Supporting the #MeToo Movement

Guest Blogger: Olivia Moore 
Olivia is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English at Ryerson University. She works with aNd Logistix on a part-time basis and as an in-office and on-site support member. She was thrilled to have an opportunity to be our guest blogger for the month. Enjoy!


Many of us have had to deal with unwelcome workplace situations at some point in our lives. There is a slew of factors that can contribute to making a work environment uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some of these factors include much more serious offences that can drive both employers and employees to severe levels of discomfort and feeling threatened while at work.

As of late, a large discussion has developed pertaining to sexual misconduct in the workplace. This led to the aNd team having an open discussion on the subject during one of our morning meetings. Although we have all seen the headlines, it was relieving to have an open discussion concerning sexual harassment so that all employees were assured that our office is a safe environment where these issues can be brought to the attention of management, and that management would protect us and not stand for it. Through discussing different company policies regarding sexual harassment and talking about a few cases that have come to light, the immediate response was the importance of understanding that everyone (staff, attendees and all other parties) have the right to be respected and feel comfortable at work (and of course, in life). There is zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour at aNd. Having this conversation reinforced the bond of our staff as we all agreed and understood why establishing a zero-tolerance policy is such an essential part of ensuring a safe office environment. Although most companies have policies condemning sexual harassment and assault, I found it beneficial to have an open discussion concerning the issue as it helps coworkers to better understand one another. It also reduces the negative stigma surrounding the conversation in addition to encouraging those who have been victims of this kind of treatment to come forward, or know that their workplace puts measures in place in hopes that this never happens on their watch.

Overall, everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable within their workplace. Ensuring a positive atmosphere requires issues such as sexual assault and harassment to be addressed openly so that everybody sharing the workplace knows that their voice will be heard. Sexual harassment and assault are extremely serious offences that can have devastating impacts not only on the victim’s life, but also on the integrity of the company. It is our responsibility to ensure that preventative steps are taken to condemn this behaviour and so that the workplace becomes a more enjoyable space for everyone to share.


Below are links that help define sexual assault and harassment, and provide options towards the steps that can be taken to prevent this issue, in addition to providing information on how to handle the situation if this does occur.


Ontario Human Rights Commission:

Ontario Human Rights Commission:
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End of Year Brain Dump
Check out recently used fun décor, activities and tradeshow stunts.
Purple is the new colour for cool furniture – we designed this one for WIMI – Women in Mortgage Industry. This fun set came from Divine Furniture.


Ice Cream we all scream for ice cream!
We brought in an air stream trailer that does ice cream for a fun, park-like setting – fun area and great treat that kept people happy.

Margarita lounge is always a huge hit especially if you add some massage chairs and umbrellas for a tropical feel.These fun and fresh hues are from Divine Furniture.

Dress your own Caesar!  Need I say more?

Memory mile for anniversary or retrospective displays
This is a great idea for an association or corporation celebrating anniversaries. This particular one was tied into Canada’s 150 celebration, and paralleled Canadian milestones with the achievements of the organization and the sponsor (the monitor ran a video introduction from the sponsor).
The entrance for the display was impactful and interesting our delegates.

Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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A Scam never looked so Brite
We hear too often about online scams, hotel poachers, email phishing and poor customer service.  I want to relay to you a recent incident.  I won’t give comment or express outrage.  However, I think it is important to share this, especially to encourage you to BEWARE. 
This is a true story and the order of events:
First thing the morning of November 3, 2017, we received a call from a delegate attending an up-coming conference.  Nothing too unusual, mainly asking some questions about their registration and wanting to switch a few things around.  After a series of questions, we realized there was no record of this delegate in our registration system and wanted to better understand what had happened.  We learned they had registered via Eventbrite and not our conference website.
We never list our registration on Eventbrite?? – something was wrong
On November 3, 11:55 AM., the delegate emailed us all the information they had received from Eventbrite:
  • A confirmation email including order details
  • Eventbrite’s logo
  • The name of the conference (minus any logos, artwork, details)
  • A PDF of a ticket complete with a barcode and a QR code
  • Terms and privacy links 
  • There was no website listed, but the conference’s twitter feed was linked
  • The registration fee was similar but not quite right, and showed no tax collection
  • It almost looked real - but it wasn’t
We called the delegate back to inform them that they had been a victim of fraud and that we would try to recover their $1,800 payment they had made on the bogus Eventbrite webpage. We immediately went into action, hoping no one else had been scammed and to get this fake registration site shut down.
  1. We contacted Eventbrite to have the event page shut down.  We were told they couldn’t do that and we had to deal with the event owner as identified on the event page.  Even though we provided proof we were in fact the actual event manager, we learned anyone can set up an event page without providing information to identify who they are, their involvement in the event nor any contact details.  No where on the event page is there any contact information only a link to contact the event owner. We took the following steps to ensure this:
  2. We notified our client and confirmed that no one internally had set up a mirror site – they confirmed it was unauthorized.
  3. We searched everywhere on the Eventbrite web page for customer service numbers or email to report the matter.
  • one number was out of service
  • all other numbers had automated systems and we left messages on all of them.
  • after nearly an hour of trying different numbers, and extensions I was finally able to talk live but only to someone in the Business Development department.
We asked a lot of questions to get answers for our client on how this could happen:
  • Why can’t we know who the owner is?  (To be able to prosecute)
  • What sort of venting does Eventbrite do? – do you ask for papers of incorporation, signing authority from a governing body? 
  • Are Eventbrite sites properly screened or is fraud easily achievable?
  • What does Eventbrite do to ensure the sites they are housing are not scamming others out of $1,800 a pop?
  • How do I get this site taken down so others are not defrauded?
  • I was told to refer to the Policy link (its several pages long) on their website and that the matter would need to be brought to the attention of the Trust and Safety department
In the early afternoon of November 3, we received an email from the individual in Business Development who we were able to connect with, informing us the matter had been escalated to Eventbrite’s Trust and Safety department. Shortly after receiving the email, we tried to go back to the fake Eventbrite site and discovered the look of the site and its contents had changed; everything was now in German.

A half hour later we emailed the delegate affected to explain what we had learned so far and we were continuing to pursue the matter with every intention to get their payment refunded by Eventbrite.  She had used Eventbrite for smaller events and thought it was safe.

Finally, November 3, 1:49 PM we received an email from Eventbrite informing us the site had been suspended.

The following Monday November 6, 5:15 PM, we received an email from confirming a refund had been initiated and the event page had been suspended.  It further explained any of the additional information we had requested in our initial conversations on November 3rd would not be provided if to protect the privacy rights of the owner and that such information would only be provided by way of a police/court originated subpoena.  The owner who had set up a fake site was entitled to more rights and protection than the person who was defrauded out of $1800 by a bogus event page on their website.

We immediately reported the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre run by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

What do you think?  You decide.

Have you or your organization been a victim of fraud – report it (no matter how small as it could lead to shutting down more and more criminals)
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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When did THIRD-PARTY PLANNER become a dirty word?
Recently while managing a program in Kelowna BC, I was made to feel like the “ugly second cousin” at the party, unworthy of my presence and blatantly ridiculed for being a “third party planner”.  Basically, I was seen and treated like some bit player.

Yes - I know it sounds like a page out of a Jane Austin novel but it got me thinking… When did THIRD PARTY PLANNER become a whispered dirty word?

Without naming names (let’s just say this venue’s mission is wine) my experience was BAD.  If I had the opportunity to rate it, I would have given it a half star.
I brought the business to this venue; there were so many I could have otherwise selected.  I signed the contract. I paid the bill. I had the authority to pick all the details for my client of 17 years. Yet I was neither the client nor the planner – I was simply the THIRD-PARTY PLANNER in the eyes of the arrogant and condescending in-house staff.

With over 25 years of experience in the business, I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea of how things work.  Over this time, I have established strong and long-term working relationships throughout the industry….and yes, a few detractors when it was necessary to stand up for my clients.  I get that.  But this situation was not based on anything other than the fact that I was merely a third-party planner and in the eyes of a misguided holy grail on the hill of wineries – not worthy of respect or even acknowledgement.
Hoteliers and now, more increasingly, event and meeting venues sometimes consider working with a third-party planner as a necessary evil, almost like having to swim with sharks. We are generally considered tough negotiators protecting our clients from negotiating the contracts, to execution to final billing.  What they fail to realize is that our job, and our reputation, is to deliver results to our client, the very people we have been mandated by to work with hotels and event/meeting venues because they don’t want the hassle; they want to be entirely focused on the content of a meeting, the people attending and the impact the event/meeting has on their corporate reputation.  Who better than the third-party event planner knows what the client wants, and how a particular event venue ties in with the rest of that client’s program. 
Tough negotiators – YES!              Bit players – NO!
When a hotel or venue takes the time to work with a third-party planner and establishes a strong working relationship with them, that planner can be an extension of your salesforce, and over time, become a partner, a loyal supporter and even a client delivering more groups and events to your venue.

On the flip side, if you upset a third-party planner, it’s unlikely they will bring business your way again.  EVER.  That would be a Mission impossible.
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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Fresh Ideas for Spring
Just finished the Loblaw Health and Wellness conference for their pharmacy, dietitian and optical teams and thought I would share some photos from the weekend of some of our latest ideas!

This year's theme was health and wellness – so we tried to incorporate that in everything we did.

Gif Photo Booth
The cooking photo op was a fun twist on the traditional photo booth with fruits and veggies flying the kitchen. 


Digital Colouring Book
The digital colouring book was a hit at the opening reception.

Therapeutic Paws Petting Zone and Surfset Yoga                    
We had a dog petting area and surfboard challenge. The volunteers from Therapeutic Paws came in with dogs for soothing petting sessions with different dogs throughout the day. Many of the delegates went to the surf boards on their breaks for a stretching session and to try out this new exercise craze.
Fruitful Centerpieces
Finally, we did some great fruit/flowers and veggies/flowers for the awards dinner (daffodils/carrots, lemons/snapdragons, plus cherry tomatoes/tulips). Cheap and cheerful for tight budgets!

Have a healthy Spring!
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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Tech Bar- an interactive way to showcase new tech gadgets in your industry.
Tech Bar is intercative, gives a learning experience in a fun way, and can give added exposure to your sponsors and exhibitors. 

Interactive Content Station 


If some of your sponsors are in the products game, consider creating an interactive content station (or even a TECH BAR), similar to sections in electronics stores where you can get hands-on time with a product. Why separate these options from sponsor booths? Because sometimes attendees want to explore the products without automatically hearing the sales pitch.
Instead, keep a handful of skilled station hosts available to make sure everything is operating correctly, and then let the visitors try out the products on their own. You can even add some fun by having available tech feature games, contests, or challenges for participants to partake in.
The idea is to create a comfortable space where attendees can explore a sponsor’s latest tech in a neutral space, because sometimes a low-pressure, soft sell approach is incredibly effective.

It can be as simple as learn to type topics like:

  • iPad shortcuts, tips, tricks and usage
  • How do I move pics and docs to the cloud?
  • Break Your Excel Habit and Choose the RIGHT Tool for the Task
  • Apps to Better Your Work-Life Balance

Or topics that are geared more to your business sector like

  • Twitter for Sales Professionals
  • Top 10 Apps-on-the-Go: Apps that help when you are OOO [Out-of-office]
  • Get Live on Video Streaming

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Happy Birthday Canada! You're Looking Good.

Happy New Year everyone! This year more than ever, we are excited to celebrate the place we call home. 

As Canada reflects and prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary, we are hard at work thinking of innovative ways to celebrate Canada through our upcoming conferences this year. From small details to awe-inspiring moments, our team is working to celebrate our country’s milestone while consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. When brainstorming, think of ways to incorporate your theme, in this case Canada’s 150th, into every aspect of your planning. For example, this year for the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Conference (also known as P3), we recommended launching the registration website in June to provide delegates with the opportunity of an early bird special expiring on July 1st. Just one of the many loot bags Canada will be giving away at its birthday this year.

A few other ideas include:
  • Finding programs already established by the Canadian government that can be incorporated into your events such as:  Canada 150&Me which provides youth an opportunity to travel and discover Canada. 
  • Create your own poll/ survey asking the question: What are the legacies we want to build for the next 150 years?
  • Create a Trailblazer Award. Nominations can be submitted by conference attendees and the award will go to the individual with the most votes. This person would be seen as an Ontarian of our generation who in 150 years would be remembered as a Trailblazer. If possible, you can also invite the Trailblazer to speak at the conference they are representing.


My favourite thing in Canada’s birthday loot bag is Capri Everitt, an 11 year old who represents what it means to be Canadian. Capri sang our National Anthem this past November at our Mortgage Professionals National Conference and we knew right away the impact she could have at our upcoming events. This 11 year old singer, speaker and Youth Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages travelled to 80 countries where she sang the national anthem of each country in their native language to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children. This talented young lady also provides us with the opportunity to put a personal touch on our events. The P3 conference welcomes public and private sector participants from across the world. Through registration we can pin point the country our delegate’s represent and have Capri sing a part of their national anthem as a way to welcome them to Canada. Having Capri Everitt at your event would provide a memorable experience and a friendly Canadian reminder of what we all stand for.

Check out her website below:


 Lastly, The Government of Canada revealed its award winning logo to celebrate Canada’s birthday and it’s available to use for free! Of course, if you do plan on using it for commercial use, you will need to receive approval and provide examples of how it will be used. Just another detail to add to our upcoming events.
canada-black-1.jpg canada-white-2.jpg canada-colour-3.jpgcanada-red-4.jpg

Happy Birthday, Canada. Make a wish. We hope it’s the best one yet.
Enjoy planning the biggest birthday part of the year! 

Guest blogger: Jessica Gonçalves 
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Begin with the End in Mind...
I believe that all good events start at the end.  It’s important to start thinking of how to evaluate your event right from the planning stage.  There is always room for improvements and more planning – and that's where the post-event evaluation comes in. 
Here are some tips to go beyond just the “survey” results:
  • Don’t wait too long to conduct an event debrief. If possible, hold the meeting the week after the event so you can have your analysis and action plan completed within the month following your event.
  • Don’t shy away from the hard questions – review the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Don’t forget to survey your support team, on-site staff and volunteers (whoever helped you execute the event).  The responses you get from them will clue you in to the amount of staff you need for next year and how programming was received – remember they were your eyes and ears throughout the event.
  • Don’t forget about one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders.  Talking to lead sponsors, major exhibitors, your speakers, your committee or board members, your venue contacts and your suppliers. These interviews will generally allow you to probe more deeply and ask more “open” questions. This technique is time consuming but worthwhile.
Finally, solutions are the key to your success.  The whole evaluation process is useless if it simply remains a stagnate document.  Start taking the steps necessary to improving next year’s event immediately. For every major stumbling block, brainstorm with the team and delegate someone to use the team’s input to generate a list of possible solutions. Ask that person to research the issue, review the brainstorming ideas, and develop a plan of action for the next event. Hold a follow-up meeting with the same invitees, asking each participant to present their strategies so they can be refined by the group if necessary.
The list of stumbling blocks along with their possible solutions will be a valuable resource for next year’s event.

Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

Happy New Year and all the Best for 2017!
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Malta and Gozo- a Meeting Planner's Dream
In Malta the saying goes that there is something magnetic in the rocks that keep you coming back time and time again.  
Here are some pics to prove that Malta/Gozo is worth having on your radar.
Through some collegues from the Protocol & Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association (PDI-POA), we were able to have an audience with the President of the Republic of Malta - Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.
Through some collegues from the Protocol & Diplomacy International – Protocol Officers Association (PDI-POA), we were able to have an audience with the President of the Republic of Malta - Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

The Edge of the world in Gozo

Pretty and delicious food

Hospitality on every corner

History, Religion and Culture

Water Activities and Beautiful Beaches

Did I mention food?

Mdina Glass – an artful tradition

Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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Canadian Talent SHINES!
We're very excited to share the news that Stacey Kay will be on America's Got Talent on Tuesday, June 16th.
The show airs on City TV locally in Toronto at 8:00 pm, and all NBC stations and affiliates across North America, which will provide a ton of exposure for Stacey and her talents.  
We have been a big supporter of Stacey and we knew she was the girl to watch!
Tune in to see Stacey audition for the judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howard Stern, and make sure you are following Stacey on Twitter @StaceyKayMusic as she will be sending out live tweets throughout the show with the hashtag #AGT.
Check out this cover of Meaghan Trainer’s All about that Bas:

Check out more of Stacey on her website:
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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