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New Year - New Resolution
See you never 2020!
2020 has challenged us in ways we never thought possible.  We wish we could define 2021 ahead of seeing it all the way through giving concrete predictions. We may not be certain of too many things right now, but one thing is for sure we will continue to focus on the things that matter most to us – our family, friends, and ourselves.
With 2020 behind us, our team has set some big goals for themselves this year.
We asked our team to briefly outline some of their big plans for this year using the following categories:
  1. Professional Goals
  2. Financial Goals
  3. Wellness Goals
  4. Personal Goals
  5. A time when they failed at their set resolution.
  6. Any tips and tricks they have to achieve these goals and stick to their resolutions.
We hope some resonate with you!
  1. Professional Goal: Get my CMP!
  2. Financial Resolution: Save money for my wedding! (Go away COVID)
  3. Wellness Goal: Get outside more. 2020 has taught me to get creative with exercise and getting outside for even a 30-minute walk. The outdoors will do wonders for your mental health!
  4. Personal Resolution: Enjoy the moment. 2020 has really taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things like a hot bubble bath or reading a book.
  5. Resolution Tips & Tricks:
    1. Make a plan and write it down. Crossing things of a to-do list feels amazing, even if it’s just making your bed in the morning.
    2. Tell someone else your goals so that they can encourage you and help keep you on track.
    3. Don’t punish yourself for not being perfect and celebrate your small wins!
  1. Professional/Educational Goal: This year I hope to continue learning more about social media management. Last year I started a few courses that I hope to finish this year, expanding my knowledge as the aNd social media manager!
  2. Financial Goal: I have started 100 envelopes of savings. This TikTok trend instructs you to label 100 envelopes 1-100. You pull each envelope at your own pace and insert the equivalent dollar amount seal and save until you have completed all 100 envelopes. Once you have filled each envelope you will have $5000 saved. My goal is to pull 1-2 envelopes a week hoping to finish all envelopes by the end of the year. This is a fun and creative way to save without really focusing on it too much.
  3. Wellness Goal:  Last year I focused a lot on my health and fitness. COVID and the Ontario-wide shutdowns did put a bit of a wrench in some of my fitness goals as they relied on using gym equipment. This year I decided to start 300 days of workouts. My goal is to complete 300 workouts throughout the year. Some of my favourite apps for at-home workouts include Slay, Apple Fitness+, and Fitplan. There is a fee associated with all 3 but it still ends up being cheaper than a gym membership, but just as effective.
  4. Personal Goal: I used to love reading, but university took that love away after being forced to read textbook after textbook. I wanted to bring that small joy back into my life as there isn’t anything better than curling up on a cold January day with a tea in one hand and a book in the other. I have set a goal to read a book a month this year, of all different genres and authors.
  5. Resolution Tips & Tricks:
    1. Associate your goals with measurable actions that will help keep you accountable. These measurable actions and timelines can help you manage your goals and view your progress.
    2. Find others who have set the same goal as you, in the hopes you can keep each other accountable. To help me achieve my reading 12 books this year I have joined a book club to stay on track and also connect with people! Click here to see some of the books included in my book club!
  1. Financial Goals: To save money and spend less.
  2. Wellness Goals: To exercise more – aerobics for 30 minutes 5 times per week, weights for 20 minutes every other day.
  3. Personal Goals: To give more to charity.
  4. A resolution you have tried and failed: Eating healthy.  Pizza and cheeseburgers always get in the way.
  1. Educational/Professional Goals: I began taking courses for my Digital Event Strategist certificate last spring, which was soon on hold as we became busy with our own virtual events. Now that I put some real-life experience under my belt, I would like to focus on finishing the courses and completing the exam.
  2. Financial Resolution: My colleagues know very well that I love shopping. I have to admit that many of the clothes I bought last year still have the price tag on them. I would like to save the money I would otherwise use for my usual shopping sprees.
  3. Wellness Goal: For me, 2020 was full of Uber Eats orders and take out. I’d like to focus on eating home-cooked, cleaner meals. I enjoy cooking so I would like to get more into the groove of home cooking (and saving some money in the process).
  4. Personal Goal:  I am one of those people who always have an ‘organized mess’ surrounding me. Though I noticed it would negatively affect my productivity and mood. This year I’d like to keep up a more organized lifestyle and keep clutter away.
  5. A resolution you have tried and failed: I have tried many times to cut back on sweets, only to fail by the second or third day of the year. With my sweet tooth, trying out that resolution one more time will prove to be impossible.
  6. Resolution Tips & Tricks: Writing down your resolutions whether it is in a personal journal or posted up somewhere visible. Writing allows you to put your intent and energy into your goals, helping you achieve them.
  1. Professional/Educational Goal: Participate in pandemic protocol courses to better prepare for when in-person meetings come back.
  2. Wellness Goals: My goal is to work on my body strength so I can do a handstand by the end of the year.
  3. Personal Goal: Purging items that just take up space and do not serve a purpose.
  4. A resolution you have tried and failed: Meal prepping. I attempt to plan out the week and try to meal prep in one day – usually only end up making a couple of meals.
  5. Resolution Tips & Tricks: Some goals you need to build up to. Take things step by step rather than going full force. It helps me to have an end goal that requires me to practice my resolution to get there.
  1. Professional/Educational Goal: When I retire, I will study for my CMP!!  Maybe I will pass – maybe not!
  2. Financial Goal: Trying to make sure I have enough money to see me through.  Failing that, I will be a financial burden to my two kids. I don’t see that as a problem – do you? :)
  3. Wellness Goal: Every hour, I get up and walk the halls of my condo that includes as many sets of stairs as my body can manage.
  4. Personal Goal: To get vaccinated a.s.a.p.   I am really tired of being stuck at home.
  5. A resolution you have tried and failed: To walk the halls every hour and do as many stairs as possible!
  6. Resolution Tips & Tricks: Have a friend or family member “nag” at you to keep exercising – even if it hurts.   “Lift up your feet Mum”  “There will be no falling”.
  1. Professional/Educational Goal: Support our clients by being even more CREATIVE than ever.  As resources are depleting all around us, I want to be that unwavering resource for my team, our clients and our professional colleagues and partners.
  2. Financial Goal: Dodge as many bullets as we can.
  3. Wellness Goal: I lost 20 pounds in 2020 and would like to lose 21 in 2021!
  4. Personal Goal: Accept that I CANNOT CONTROL everything
  5. A resolution you have tried and failed: Many attempts to stop cursing (my team will tell you – it doesn’t last long – holy cannoli / geez louise)
  6. Resolution Tips & Tricks: Self regulation is tough.  The only thing tougher is self forgiveness.
Hope our Free Idea Friday makes your day!

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