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The Future of Registration Kits
With the return of events one of our biggest concerns is regarding the health and wellbeing of our attendees, suppliers, partners & event staff. We must start thinking about what items will need to be added or increased to the onsite event kits to help keep event staff and attendees safe.
Our team has gathered some ideas and created a reference guide to help attendees, event planners, suppliers, hotels and venues navigate the event world ahead of us.

These are items that we will be adding to our kits:

BAAAG.png Draw String Bags and Plastic Baggies
Many of the items mentioned below will be carried around all day. Make sure to have pouches or plastic baggies to separate all your items and to avoid them touching other items.
Masks.jpg Masks
Masks will be a must have for staff onsite. But take it a bit further by using specific colours to identify your staff. Additionally, masks are a great branding opportunity! Create a mask sponsorship and give sponsors the opportunity to have their company brand featured on the masks worn by event staff, attendees, vendors and other sponsors!
See Susan Murray and Ideavation for some different mask ideas.

Small-Hand-Sanitizer.jpg Hand Sanitizer
One of the most important items to have on hand and in multitudes. Make sure to have not only the big bottles for attendees but also minis that staff and attendees can carry around. Take it one step further and sell them as a sponsorship with branded bottles.

gloves.jpg Gloves
Gloves are meant to be worn and disposed of after frequently. Plastic gloves can be harmful to the environment when used in large batches, so pick up some biodegradable ones!

Non-Contact Thermometer
A no-contact thermometer is the best way to check onsite staff, suppliers, and attendees to ensure safety and mitigate the risk of spreading viruses at your event. The no contact also ensures that you can keep your staff safe in the possible occurrence of a sick individual.
Visit Global Industrial and Micro Life to order yours.

wipes.jpg Disinfectant Wipes
Large bottles of disinfectant wipes are great for your registration desk, but don’t forget to grab the little packs for all your staff so that they can carry some around. Cannot find any small packs? Separate the ones in the large bottles into small plastic baggies.

Electronic.jpg Electronic Cleansing Wipes
Normal disinfectants can be harmful to our electronics, especially if we need to clean them multiple times a day onsite. Electronic disinfectant wipes are safe for sensitive optics and specialty coatings. Additionally, the major smartphone manufacturers say that you can use isopropanol alcohol wipes as well.

Visit Staples to order yours.

tissues.jpg Tissues
Mini packs of tissues have always been a great addition to purses, but now everyone should be carrying them around as they are good for many uses – they are even great for opening doors!

qtips.jpg Q-tips
These little wonders will help get rid of debris or makeup smudges without touching your face.

no-contact-(1).jpg No Contact Door Opener & Button Pusher Key Chain
Gloves are great, but as an increased safety measure, grab yourself some door openers for your staff as well as keeping some on hand. This will help decrease the amount of times you will have to change your gloves and they can be used for pressing buttons on machines, carrying bags, and dialing phone numbers as well.
This can be another sponsorship opportunity and a great addition to a conference bag!

Visit Ideavation to order yours.

pens.png Anti-Microbial Pens
Anti-microbial pens are great for registration staff that tend to use the same pens, we all know that we tend to grab the first one we see! The pens are treated with a special additive that protects against harmful bacteria, fungus, and mold sticking to the pen. They neutralize over 99% of active bacteria.
Visit Ideavation to order yours.

signage.png Signage
Signage is key. Some signs can be printed out and placed into plastic sign holders for a reminder to attendees of rules and to go home if you are ill. Additionally, signs and decals such as floor decals can be designed as an additional reminder especially for your line ups at registration.
Visit Saman Design to order yours.

snacks.jpg Individually Wrapped Snacks
Now more than ever sharing food is going to become an issue. Go to Costco and fill up a tub of individually wrapped snacks. They are easy to grab, a great pick me up when energy is low and limit contamination between staff.

hpa104wmp-honeywell-air-purifier.jpg Air Purifier
An air purifier is great for high traffic areas, like a registration office. The COVID-19 virus can survive in the air for approximately 3 hours and using an air purifier can put your mind at ease, knowing that the air around you is safe from pathogens. Make sure to get one with a HEPA medical grade filter.

Visit Honeywell to order yours.

Car-Caddy.jpg Car Caddy
Look for a good car caddy for storing a back-up supply of the above items for when you get back into your car. They are also great for carrying supplies around from room to room during an event.

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