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Dana’s Annual End of the Year Brain Dump of Ideas
First we highlighted our team's favourites from our 2019 events. Below is a showcase of my favourites from a wonderful year.

In-Expo Lounges
The lounge for the Women in Mortgage Industry (WIMI) was fun and flirty with tones of pink, mixed in with pink and brown leopard prints.

The Blues Brothers
You can't do Chicago without including the Blues Brothers.

Cold Brew Coffee
This draught cold brew station was a refreshing alternative to regular coffee breaks.

Performance Art
At an event this fall in Tremblant, we had a local artist at the Welcome Reception paint a landscape from the area, which was auctioned off at the end of the evening.

Have Fun With Your Centrepieces
The small animal figurines in our forest centrepieces added a whimsical touch.

Send a Special Message
Delegates were able to send a special message to say thank you or tell someone special how much they mean to their lives. This was a breakout hit with our delegates at the Fairmont in Tremblant.

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night…
Maui Jim sunglasses were a huge hit this year for the President's Club we did in Hawaii.


Hotel Branding
Don't forget to ask your hotel or venue what branding opportunities there are for your group to take advantage of through the space.  Your Sponsors can also benefit from these options.

These are photos from our CARSTAR program at the Hilton Chicago.

Custom Cakes
One of the most challenging events I put on this year was the 50th Birthday Party for my little bro Philip. It was made extra special with this custom beer can cake made by our very own Sandra DaMota, who has many hidden creative talents!


The Gin Bar
We did 2 Gin themed Bars this year, one at the Fairmont in Tremblant and the other here in Toronto at the MTCC.

Gin is in, - featuring some great Canadian brands:

Empress 1908 – Victoria, British Columbia
Spirit of York – Toronto, Ontario 
Eau Claire Distillery Parlour Gin  – Turner Valley, Alberta
Radoune Gin – Gaspé, Québec
Steinhart Dry Gin – Arisaig, Nova Scotia
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The aNd Team’s Favourites From 2019
Continuing our yearly tradition, our gift to you this holiday season is our team’s favourite ideas from this year’s conferences.

The Picasso Dessert Table by Sandra
The Picasso table was a huge hit at two of our events this year. Each table was unique to the venue and client, creating great exposure for the sponsor while also highlighting the chef’s creativity. The chef at the Fairmont Mount Tremblant utilized room lighting and various tiers to highlight their display, while the chef at the Sheraton Centre Toronto created a colourful experience by using colored dry ice. These tables created buzz in the audience and were the centre of conversation. Definitely a memorable experience for all in attendance.


Feathery Centrepieces by Clare
This year we decided to add a feather flair to the Fundex National Business Conference centerpiece. Our client fell in love with our initial concept, but the supplier was unable to recreate it for them. We looked everywhere for black feathers (Even checking fly fishing websites) to re-create the same charm as the initial concept. Our hard work paid off, and we ended up designing a centerpiece that looked even better.


Roadshow Donut Centrepieces by Megan
This year we arranged the Shoppers Drug Mart Cosmetics Roadshow in 10 cities across Canada. Instead of packing up and shipping centerpieces for each location, we opted to get creative and incorporate them with the attendees’ desserts. A whimsical donut pyramid display was arranged in each city for guests to ooh and aah over, as well as to eat!

Night Circus Balloons by Lexie
The theme of the National Mortgage Conference’s Industry Networking Event was a ‘Night Circus’. What goes best with a circus? Balloons, of course! The top of the escalators & entrances into the ballroom were wrapped in beautiful balloon artwork, welcoming guests to an incredible evening event, the Night Circus.

Wrigley Field by Matthew & Madi
This July, we helped CARSTAR throw their best conference yet, in the heart of downtown Chicago. The star of this conference was the Welcome Reception, which was held at the historic Wrigley Field. Our planning team, combined with Wrigley Field’s welcoming staff, made the attendees feel just as important as the baseball players that took their stadium back over a few days later.

The franchisees, office staff, & vendors were welcomed by the iconic Marquee Sign in front of the building, the large screen behind the Gallagher Way Picnic Area, and the outfield signs when everyone filed into the bleachers.

In addition to this, the attendees were made to feel right at home with exclusive tours of the press box & the ‘W Club’ private lounge, meet & greet with Chicago Cubs alumni, the World Series Trophy from 2017, and batting cage access.

Superhero Event Theme by Silvana
The majority of conference badges are made with a simple design, only meant to identify the attendee and is stamped with the conference logo. The badges from The Mobile Shop Sales Rally were much more eye-catching, with their comic book design and creative tie-in to the event’s Superhero theme. Upon their arrival at the sales rally, all attendees were very excited to find out which Superhero they would be proudly representing for the duration of the conference.

Here's to an even greater 2020!
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