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Driver-less Vehicles and What it Means to the Event Industry
Guest Blogger: Rachel Gilmour

Fresh off the main stage of the International Live Events Association’s annual conference ILEA Live 2018, Brent Mather, design architect, spoke on how architecture designs of the future will result in less need for parking. Why?  Driverless cars! His opinion is that these cars, hitting the market in 5 – 8 years, will mean people won’t need to own cars when they can rely on driverless car services.
He imagines tall parking structures could be repurposed into retail and housing dwellings with half as many parking stalls required.
But what will driverless cars mean for live event spaces in 5 - 10 years from now?

If using or purchasing driverless cars becomes the trend, for either personal or work use, there will be a significant shift in event needs:

Some clients always want to be in the downtown core, so they don’t lose work time travelling from the office.  Driverless cars will allow attendees to keep working while in transport, so why not consider a venue on the outskirts of town or even hours away?  After all, there will be no driver to send home upon arrival. This will open up smaller markets for larger conferences, which means smaller markets need to prepare in anticipation and offer larger spaces.
Bonus! Venues in downtown spaces can reclaim their parking lots into more event space – yippee!
The vehicles themselves could be redesigned to accommodate “meeting seating” - since you won’t have to be at the wheel - let’s put in swivel seating so you can have a mobile meeting on the way to venue!

Mercedes F-015 Concept Interior
Mercedes F-015 Concept Interior

If companies choose driverless trucks for delivery, how will they accommodate their customer service if there is physically no driver for you to reach?  How many times have you had an event shipment and needed to check on the status or give the truck parking instructions because the loading dock was already full with delayed load-ins?
Check out Budweiser’s first transport delivery with a driverless truck

We asked a few of our staff what they thought of how driverless cars will affect the event industry and here’s what they thought:
Dana: Corporations will use Lifts/Ubers and driverless cars instead of Valet parking. Valet parking is going the way of dinosaurs…

Katie: Attendees with mobility/ accessibility issues will increase since they can travel on their own and don’t have to rely on Wheel-Trans/public system.
Hanna: More alcohol consumption will happen if there is no need to drive. This means more revenue for the venue!  Social responsibility is still a big concern for companies/organization and with driverless cars a new set of liability issues will come up.

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