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Look Who's Talking
Think you’ve seen and heard it all?  Well here is a new one for you.
Throughout my 25+ year career, I have had the privilege of greeting many prominent keynote speakers including US retired four-star general Colin Powell, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, actor Alan Alda, music legend Randy Bachman, football great Joe Theismann and news anchor and author Amanda Lang… to name just a few.
But this past week Discovery 18 provided me with one of the most unique experiences to date!
Sophia the Robot, a social humanoid powered by artificial intelligence (AI), gave the opening keynote address along with creator Dr. David Hanson who joined via hologram.
Sophia is the latest "genius machine" from Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, a company that produces robots designed to mimic human behaviour. Created using artificial intelligence technologies and breakthrough robotics developed by Dr. Hanson and his team, Sophia has garnered worldwide media attention and is the first robot to be granted citizenship.
This was her first ever appearance in Canada!
Take a look at the highlight video here.

Sophia meeting with her fans

Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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