Free Idea Fridays!

Promo Innovation
Many of us can agree that getting free stuff can be so exciting… but so much of what we receive we already have. So how are companies refreshing the promo world? Recently I got the chance to check out the Interior Design Show in Toronto. I left with knowledge of 2018 trends, major home envy and one of the most innovative giveaways ever. Then this past week we took a work fieldtrip to the Promotional Product Show to see what’s new and exciting in the promo world and I have to say I was continually surprised. In a world where every company seems to be trying to win your attention it’s so important to think of interesting, new and maybe even subtle ways to gain it.

Free “Swag” isn’t the only thing these two very different shows had in common. The trends I saw for interior design were also present in the promo world. I couldn’t ignore the recurrence of marble: from counter tops, tiling and d├ęcor accents to water bottles, notepads and pens. It’s a beautiful, mature yet fun pattern and can be used minimally or go large! Another important trend is an effort to “go green”. Sustainability is becoming more important to people, whether it’s by shopping local, using spaces for multiple things or printing on reusable paper and having a reusable water bottle. 

As for the fun promo ideas, let me start with the obvious setting: The Promotional Product Show. Two things that jumped out to me were compressed t-shits: t-shirts made into fun shapes relating to the company/product or logo. As well Branded board games really caught my attention. Being able to fully customize a familiar game with a company’s branding seems like a great way to create a positive and effortless connection with consumers.



What I didn’t expect from the Interior Design Show was to get my most prized freebie to date! There was a paint company at the show and not only did they have this trendy yurt-like structure complete with paint chip shingles for a roof. They were also giving away nail polish. The nail polish colour was created from their colour of the year. This item is innovative because you can still see it every day, but it doesn’t have to be in your face with their company name plastered on it.


Giving the usual promo products a new spin is really great way of breathing freshness into something so overdone!

Guest Blogger: Taylor St. Amour
at 11:25AM