Free Idea Fridays!

Out with the Old, in with the New!
Our team’s gift to you this holiday season is our team’s favourite ideas from this year’s conferences.

Creations by Bar Chef from Minah
What’s better than a tasty cocktail at the end of a long day? What about a colourful cocktail that bubbles, fizzes and even smokes! Inciting all your senses—taste, touch, sound, smell and sight. Guests buzzed around this molecular-inspired bar all night, as bartenders conducted the perfect science experiment before their eyes by creating an array of mystical cocktails. Working with Bar Chef was a smooth-sailing experience by customizing their menu to cater to your theme and providing options for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Barista Brian from Shawn
Everyone always appreciates a good coffee between conference seminars and sessions. We were fortunate to secure Barista Brian, an internationally recognized latte artist for The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships conference. By combining caffeine and his artistic skills, he boosted everyone’s energy and productivity. We thank him for being the crowd-pleaser we didn’t know we needed!

Surf set Yoga from Jess
During meals and session breaks, attendees had the opportunity to try the new yoga craze- traditional Yoga but on an elevated surfboard (Surfset Yoga). From downward dog to headstands to simply standing on their feet, attendees were rushing to get themselves surfing between sessions.

Therapy Dogs from Matt
Therapy Dogs were a hit at both our 2018 Shoppers Pharmacy Conferences in Toronto and Calgary. Rescue dog non-profit organizations were very generous in sending many dogs and their owners to help give the pharmacists a well-deserved break during a busy conference. Attendees are very impressed by the multitude of breeds and sizes of therapy dogs, making their conference an even more enjoyable experience.

Mindful Yoga Lounge- from Megan
We swapped out traditional lounge seating with multicolour yoga balls, creating a calming break environment in between the busy conference atmosphere. Allowing pharmacists to take a balanced break at the Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Conference.

Curling from Candace
SWEEP! A great way to get your conference attendees to socialize and get active at the same time is indoor curling. The game is played with a long mat and 8 rocks (on wheels). This year we incorporated the idea into our activity breaks during general session and a Canadian themed networking lounge. Have two people play against each other or encourage attendees to find new friends by building teams of 4.

Sugar boost from Katie
Falling into that mid-day slump, but can’t stomach another cup of coffee?  Why not let your sweet tooth be your guide!  This year at the CCPPP conference, the international café featured a Candy Bar, where delegates could grab a quick treat, or fill a bag for later.  The candy acted as part of the décor by matching the candy colours to the room theme and as a conversation starter, showcasing Canadian candies and favourites from childhood.  What a treat!

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