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When did THIRD-PARTY PLANNER become a dirty word?
Recently while managing a program in Kelowna BC, I was made to feel like the “ugly second cousin” at the party, unworthy of my presence and blatantly ridiculed for being a “third party planner”.  Basically, I was seen and treated like some bit player.

Yes - I know it sounds like a page out of a Jane Austin novel but it got me thinking… When did THIRD PARTY PLANNER become a whispered dirty word?

Without naming names (let’s just say this venue’s mission is wine) my experience was BAD.  If I had the opportunity to rate it, I would have given it a half star.
I brought the business to this venue; there were so many I could have otherwise selected.  I signed the contract. I paid the bill. I had the authority to pick all the details for my client of 17 years. Yet I was neither the client nor the planner – I was simply the THIRD-PARTY PLANNER in the eyes of the arrogant and condescending in-house staff.

With over 25 years of experience in the business, I’d like to think I have a pretty good idea of how things work.  Over this time, I have established strong and long-term working relationships throughout the industry….and yes, a few detractors when it was necessary to stand up for my clients.  I get that.  But this situation was not based on anything other than the fact that I was merely a third-party planner and in the eyes of a misguided holy grail on the hill of wineries – not worthy of respect or even acknowledgement.
Hoteliers and now, more increasingly, event and meeting venues sometimes consider working with a third-party planner as a necessary evil, almost like having to swim with sharks. We are generally considered tough negotiators protecting our clients from negotiating the contracts, to execution to final billing.  What they fail to realize is that our job, and our reputation, is to deliver results to our client, the very people we have been mandated by to work with hotels and event/meeting venues because they don’t want the hassle; they want to be entirely focused on the content of a meeting, the people attending and the impact the event/meeting has on their corporate reputation.  Who better than the third-party event planner knows what the client wants, and how a particular event venue ties in with the rest of that client’s program. 
Tough negotiators – YES!              Bit players – NO!
When a hotel or venue takes the time to work with a third-party planner and establishes a strong working relationship with them, that planner can be an extension of your salesforce, and over time, become a partner, a loyal supporter and even a client delivering more groups and events to your venue.

On the flip side, if you upset a third-party planner, it’s unlikely they will bring business your way again.  EVER.  That would be a Mission impossible.
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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