Free Idea Fridays!

Fresh Ideas for Spring
Just finished the Loblaw Health and Wellness conference for their pharmacy, dietitian and optical teams and thought I would share some photos from the weekend of some of our latest ideas!

This year's theme was health and wellness – so we tried to incorporate that in everything we did.

Gif Photo Booth
The cooking photo op was a fun twist on the traditional photo booth with fruits and veggies flying the kitchen. 


Digital Colouring Book
The digital colouring book was a hit at the opening reception.

Therapeutic Paws Petting Zone and Surfset Yoga                    
We had a dog petting area and surfboard challenge. The volunteers from Therapeutic Paws came in with dogs for soothing petting sessions with different dogs throughout the day. Many of the delegates went to the surf boards on their breaks for a stretching session and to try out this new exercise craze.
Fruitful Centerpieces
Finally, we did some great fruit/flowers and veggies/flowers for the awards dinner (daffodils/carrots, lemons/snapdragons, plus cherry tomatoes/tulips). Cheap and cheerful for tight budgets!

Have a healthy Spring!
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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