Free Idea Fridays!

Tech Bar- an interactive way to showcase new tech gadgets in your industry.
Tech Bar is intercative, gives a learning experience in a fun way, and can give added exposure to your sponsors and exhibitors. 

Interactive Content Station 


If some of your sponsors are in the products game, consider creating an interactive content station (or even a TECH BAR), similar to sections in electronics stores where you can get hands-on time with a product. Why separate these options from sponsor booths? Because sometimes attendees want to explore the products without automatically hearing the sales pitch.
Instead, keep a handful of skilled station hosts available to make sure everything is operating correctly, and then let the visitors try out the products on their own. You can even add some fun by having available tech feature games, contests, or challenges for participants to partake in.
The idea is to create a comfortable space where attendees can explore a sponsor’s latest tech in a neutral space, because sometimes a low-pressure, soft sell approach is incredibly effective.

It can be as simple as learn to type topics like:

  • iPad shortcuts, tips, tricks and usage
  • How do I move pics and docs to the cloud?
  • Break Your Excel Habit and Choose the RIGHT Tool for the Task
  • Apps to Better Your Work-Life Balance

Or topics that are geared more to your business sector like

  • Twitter for Sales Professionals
  • Top 10 Apps-on-the-Go: Apps that help when you are OOO [Out-of-office]
  • Get Live on Video Streaming

at 12:33PM