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Happy Birthday Canada! You're Looking Good.

Happy New Year everyone! This year more than ever, we are excited to celebrate the place we call home. 

As Canada reflects and prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary, we are hard at work thinking of innovative ways to celebrate Canada through our upcoming conferences this year. From small details to awe-inspiring moments, our team is working to celebrate our country’s milestone while consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients. When brainstorming, think of ways to incorporate your theme, in this case Canada’s 150th, into every aspect of your planning. For example, this year for the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Conference (also known as P3), we recommended launching the registration website in June to provide delegates with the opportunity of an early bird special expiring on July 1st. Just one of the many loot bags Canada will be giving away at its birthday this year.

A few other ideas include:
  • Finding programs already established by the Canadian government that can be incorporated into your events such as:  Canada 150&Me which provides youth an opportunity to travel and discover Canada. 
  • Create your own poll/ survey asking the question: What are the legacies we want to build for the next 150 years?
  • Create a Trailblazer Award. Nominations can be submitted by conference attendees and the award will go to the individual with the most votes. This person would be seen as an Ontarian of our generation who in 150 years would be remembered as a Trailblazer. If possible, you can also invite the Trailblazer to speak at the conference they are representing.


My favourite thing in Canada’s birthday loot bag is Capri Everitt, an 11 year old who represents what it means to be Canadian. Capri sang our National Anthem this past November at our Mortgage Professionals National Conference and we knew right away the impact she could have at our upcoming events. This 11 year old singer, speaker and Youth Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages travelled to 80 countries where she sang the national anthem of each country in their native language to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children. This talented young lady also provides us with the opportunity to put a personal touch on our events. The P3 conference welcomes public and private sector participants from across the world. Through registration we can pin point the country our delegate’s represent and have Capri sing a part of their national anthem as a way to welcome them to Canada. Having Capri Everitt at your event would provide a memorable experience and a friendly Canadian reminder of what we all stand for.

Check out her website below:


 Lastly, The Government of Canada revealed its award winning logo to celebrate Canada’s birthday and it’s available to use for free! Of course, if you do plan on using it for commercial use, you will need to receive approval and provide examples of how it will be used. Just another detail to add to our upcoming events.
canada-black-1.jpg canada-white-2.jpg canada-colour-3.jpgcanada-red-4.jpg

Happy Birthday, Canada. Make a wish. We hope it’s the best one yet.
Enjoy planning the biggest birthday part of the year! 

Guest blogger: Jessica Gonçalves 
at 11:22AM