Free Idea Fridays!

Peddling for Pennies…lots and lots of pennies

One of the most common and frequent questions I get from clients is ``What’s NEW in sponsorship?``
Money doesn’t grow on trees and raising funds through sponsorships demands attention- grabbing stuff.

Here are a few ideas we have recently added to our idea bank which offer uniqueness and great exposure.


Good old tap water


Water-on-Wheels is a Canadian-owned business provides mobile water refill stations to festivals, concerts, conventions, charity events, sporting events, runs, and races in Ontario and across Canada.
Great & Green visibility

Breakfast of Champions


Custom Cereal Boxes provide a fun and cheerful way to greet attendees for those early morning meetings.
Ideavation did this one for us last year.


Tea for Two, or three or 400


Teabot – this robotic kiosk allows busy conference attendees to order a custom cup of loose-leaf tea and share their blends at the touch of a button to create a healthy on-the-go experience and gives your sponsor a unique branding opportunity.


Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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