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Canadian Talent SHINES!
We're very excited to share the news that Stacey Kay will be on America's Got Talent on Tuesday, June 16th.
The show airs on City TV locally in Toronto at 8:00 pm, and all NBC stations and affiliates across North America, which will provide a ton of exposure for Stacey and her talents.  
We have been a big supporter of Stacey and we knew she was the girl to watch!
Tune in to see Stacey audition for the judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howard Stern, and make sure you are following Stacey on Twitter @StaceyKayMusic as she will be sending out live tweets throughout the show with the hashtag #AGT.
Check out this cover of Meaghan Trainer’s All about that Bas:

Check out more of Stacey on her website:
Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!
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Those who have read my blog regularly know that I have a sort of love/hate relationship with technology, but with OCE’s Discovery just around the corner I am getting pumped up by the enormous and awe inspiring display of invention and ingenuity the show has to offer, from wearable technology, to smart home appliances, 3D printers, robots, drones, smart cars and advancing tech including such issues as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

One thing is abundantly clear to me; innovators, no matter what sector, continue to dream big, creating products and services that push beyond what we once thought imaginable.
While some of us are still getting used to the technology from last year, others are moving recklessly into a world where everything you wear, drive and touch in your home, hotels and shops is connected via the Internet.

So why do I feel uncomfortable with the pace of innovation?  I guess the analytical side of me wants to test it, make it prove itself to me as a long running contender; make it show me that I can trust it.  But after all the kinks have been worked out – am I too late?  When it becomes commonplace then is it not just another dusty old relic?

Add in the vast number of new technologies out there for the event industry and my uneasiness jolts to science fiction level horror.  Everyone claims to have the latest and greatest and taking that leap of faith is as daunting as Frankenstein taking his first step.

I am not sure I can lead you out of this black hole of mayhem, but as with any predicament I revert back to simple non-tech decision making with good old sensible research:  
  • Take every opportunity to learn about anything that is new that can help your business and your clients
  • What do you or your client or event really need from technology?  …seriously - maybe your client’s conference is not ready for beacon tracking their attendees
  • What is your budget?  … realistically
  • What device, app, system gives you the most bang for the buck? …and will actually be used by attendees
  • Learn from your suppliers reaching out to audio visual partners and special effects professionals.

So for right now I am TECHish – loving technology with a skittish caution.  

Come back in a few weeks and the aNd team will give you their picks for latest and greatest apps, gadgets and dongles.


Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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Peddling for Pennies…lots and lots of pennies

One of the most common and frequent questions I get from clients is ``What’s NEW in sponsorship?``
Money doesn’t grow on trees and raising funds through sponsorships demands attention- grabbing stuff.

Here are a few ideas we have recently added to our idea bank which offer uniqueness and great exposure.


Good old tap water


Water-on-Wheels is a Canadian-owned business provides mobile water refill stations to festivals, concerts, conventions, charity events, sporting events, runs, and races in Ontario and across Canada.
Great & Green visibility

Breakfast of Champions


Custom Cereal Boxes provide a fun and cheerful way to greet attendees for those early morning meetings.
Ideavation did this one for us last year.


Tea for Two, or three or 400


Teabot – this robotic kiosk allows busy conference attendees to order a custom cup of loose-leaf tea and share their blends at the touch of a button to create a healthy on-the-go experience and gives your sponsor a unique branding opportunity.


Hope my “Free Idea” makes your Friday!

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