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Back to School with some fun apps
With the hustle and bustle of the back-to-school season, we thought would be helpful to share some of our favourite apps that make our lives a little easier.

Shawna recommends "Find my iPhone" for those scary moments when you can't find your phone. This app will help you determine whether it's actually missing or just misplaced. If your phone is just lost in the couch – the app can instruct your handset to blast a sound for 2 minutes at full volume – even if it is set on silent mode. If it gets stolen – this app can even remotely instruct the personal data in your phone’s storage to self-destruct.

Jimmy has so many favourites it was difficult for him to narrow down the list – here are just a few:
  • Instagram - A social network for displaying photos
  • Urbanspoon - A restaurant search engine with reviews recommendations etc.
  • Eat Street - An app based on the popular TV show, displays food truck locations, reviews etc.

Rachel is our "go to girl" in the office for apps and suggests you try one of these:

Gemma loves Shazam because it is quick and easy to use. Just hold your phone up to the music or TV and within seconds you’ll get more information like the name of the track and artist, lyrics, videos, special offers, exclusive content and more – straight to your smartphone. (really useful for those “oh man, I love this song, what is it?!” moments) The popular version for iPhones is - SoundHound - instant music search and discovery. Names a tune playing from a speaker in as little as four seconds - and even works if you sing or hum!

With 3 daughters in university, it is not surprising that Hanna find this banking app from Scotia very useful. You can pay school tuition, transfer money for textbooks from another account, etc. using your phone. Parents can transfer money from their account to kids' linked accounts in cases of emergency.,,317,00.html?cid=keyEAO_SEM_1BA_AD1_ENG_004

Charmaine’s favorite app is MapQuest – free app that speaks to you telling you where to turn. Turn on location services to find your nearest hotel, restaurant, postal service or ice cream shop.

And she can't live without her Flashlight app – the brightest and most handy flash light free of charge for smart phone users. Never search for that flashlight again!

Lyne now uses WhatsApp – no more checking voicemail! Just text or even better send an audio or video note, saving the recipient the tedious task of logging into voicemails to hear your message.

And finally, in case you want to stalk some celebs this weekend roaming around downtown Toronto for TIFF – check out this app for following the comings and goings of all your favourite movie stars.
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